Samsung’s 20nm 4Gb LPDDR3 Mobile DRAM goes into production

Samsung starts production of 20nm 4Gb LPDDR3 Mobile DRAM. Just few months ago, Samsung started releasing mobile devices with 30nm-class LPDDR3 memory, and now it looks like the Korean giant is planning to take the mobile industry to the next level with its 4Gb LPDDR3 Mobile DRAM. Samsung’s new 20nm LPDDR3 memory chip is blazing fast, transmits data at up to 2,133 megabits per second (Mbps) per pin, and also has a 20 percent drop in power consumption.


Samsung Now Producing Four Gigabit LPDDR3 Mobile DRAM, Using 20nm-class* Process Technology

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the world leader in advanced memory technology, today announced the industry’s first production of ultra-high-speed four gigabit (Gb) low power double data rate 3 (LPDDR3) mobile DRAM, which is being produced at a 20 nanometer (nm) class* process node.

“Our 20nm-class four gigabit mobile DRAM provides another example of our ability to deliver well-differentiated, high-performance, high-density memory to customers in a timely manner.”
The new 4Gb LPDDR3 mobile DRAM enables performance levels comparable to the standard DRAM utilized in personal computers, making it an attractive solution for demanding multimedia-intensive features on next-generation mobile devices such as high-performance smartphones and tablets.

“By providing the most efficient next-generation mobile memory with a very large data capacity, we are now enabling OEMs to introduce even more innovative designs in the marketplace,” said Young-Hyun Jun, executive vice president, memory sales & marketing, Samsung Electronics. “Our 20nm-class four gigabit mobile DRAM provides another example of our ability to deliver well-differentiated, high-performance, high-density memory to customers in a timely manner.”

The 4Gb LPDDR3 can transmit data at up to 2,133 megabits per second (Mbps) per pin, which is more than double the performance of the preceding memory standard mobile DRAM (LPDDR2) with a data transmission speed of 800Mbps. This makes it possible to transmit three full HD videos, collectively 17 Gigabytes (GBs) in length, in one second over the new Samsung chip embedded in a mobile device.

Samsung’s 20nm-class LPDDR3 mobile DRAM enables seamless display of full HD video on smartphones with five inch-or-larger screens. In comparison to a 30nm-class LPDDR3 DRAM, the new device generates more than a 30 percent improvement in performance and 20 percent savings in power consumption.

While mobile gadgets continue to scale down in height, battery packs have been increasing in size. By adopting Samsung’s 4Gb LPDDR3 mobile DRAM, OEMs can have a 2GB package that includes four of Samsung’s new chips in a single package that meets the memory package height of 0.8 millimeters (mm).

Representing a major growth factor in the DRAM market, Samsung plans to increase production of its advanced 20nm-class mobile DRAM later this year, solidifying its competitiveness as a memory industry leader.

According to market research firm, Gartner, the DRAM market is forecast to grow by 13 percent year-over-year to reach $29.6 billion (US) in 2013, with mobile DRAM to exceed $10 billion in sales, for 35 percent of the total DRAM market.

UPDATE: Gb typo fixed thanks to Pascal 309 Hawk’s comment.
via: Engadget

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2 years 11 months ago

If this is in the note 3, it will be the best phone 2013, slaughtering all the competition

2 years 11 months ago

Doesn’t the Galaxy S4 Exynos 5 Octa version have the LPDDR3 RAM??

PascaL 309 Hawk
2 years 11 months ago

Yes! But, not at 20nm and 2.133Mbps! ;)

2 years 11 months ago

Ah, bet it’s a 30nm LPDDR3 version. Still waiting for Samsung to produce LPDDR4 in the future.

Maybe for Galaxy S5 or S6?

PascaL 309 Hawk
2 years 11 months ago

Yeah, I think it’s 30nm!

Certainly, Samsung will produce LPDDR4, but we should first see DDR4 in our PCs. There is the first DDR4, from Samsung, but we will have to wait for our PCs! So, I don’t think that S5 or S6 will have LPDDR4 RAM…

2 years 11 months ago

Maybe the Note 4 or 5?

3 years 1 hour ago

Yeah! I’ve now S3, Galaxy S5 going to be my!

3 years 3 hours ago

Hmm.So guys you must put those incredible ram technology to Galaxy Note III and will be the best seller Phablet for sure with a bit nice design ;)

3 years 4 hours ago

Good news for those getting Note3….yay

PascaL 309 Hawk
3 years 12 hours ago

I think it’s Gigabit (Gb), not Gigabyte (GB)! Gb it’s a lot different than GB.

According to Wikipedia, 1 Gb is equal to 125 MB. Or 4 Gb is equal to 512 MB, namely 8 times less than 4 GB!!! ;) ;) :) :)

3 years 12 hours ago

hmm so can we possibly upgrade the humoured speces of the Note III to 4gb?