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I9500XXUAMCH – Samsung Galaxy S4′s System Dump now available for download


Earlier today, we received Samsung Galaxy S4′s system dump from our insider and we would like to share it. Our System dump is based on the latest test firmware I9500XXUAMCH. We extracted Galaxy S4′s Demo Videos, S-Voice APK, Wallpapers and Ringtones from this system dump. We are sharing this dump as it will be very beneficial for the dev community as the developers will be able to port S4′s features and apps to other devices.

System Dump Details
Android Version: 4.2.2 – JDQ39
Build Date: 23 March 2013
Changelist: 335382
Download (Size: 1549.8 MB)


Build Prop

# begin build properties
# autogenerated by Mar 23 00:00:34 KST 2013
# is obsolete; use ro.product.device
# Do not try to parse or .fingerprint 4.2.2 JDQ39 I9500XXUAMCH release-keys
# Samsung Specific Properties
# end build properties


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37 comments on “I9500XXUAMCH – Samsung Galaxy S4′s System Dump now available for download

  1. descargaasaco 2 years ago said:

    Thank you. Hopefuly music player, video player, gallery and camera can work on Note 2 without porting needed :)

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  2. malicovjek 2 years ago said:

    I have a queston… How do I install this ? just execute or do I need to root it first ?

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    • descargaasaco 2 years ago said:

      You can’t install it. First of all you should try to deodex it and then see if you can some apps can be ported or can work without being ported on your older Galaxy device.

      But I just remembered that S4 already uses 4.2.2 so it probably won’t be an easy task…

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  3. yahyoh 2 years ago said:

    please can u do for us some benchmarks :D

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  4. amr2202 2 years ago said:

    Will it work on my s3 :-D without bugs ?!

  5. maxximuscool 2 years ago said:

    Can someone upload the Camera.apk from this ROM please?

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  6. adrisarria 2 years ago said:

    Mirror? Please..

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  7. NoamEvro 2 years ago said:

    How am I install it? with Odin?

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  8. pinoyako 2 years ago said:

    can someone please share the widget? Thanks.

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  9. pinoyako 2 years ago said:

    sorry, meant weather widget. thanks again.

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  10. ceesars 2 years ago said:

    Please let people SamMobile following links to download the apk:

    Weather Widget
    The new Touchwiz if possible

    The large community of S3 is going agradacer pretty!

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  11. keysheep 2 years ago said:

    I did not understand, would to install this rom on my samsung galaxy s advance? this rom is for which device? and would post the link to download the apk and other touchwish?

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  12. TAT1980 2 years ago said:


    that is the device. galaxy s4 octaqcore,

    i think you can´t install it on your advance

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  13. mzeesh2006 2 years ago said:

    is the Touchwiz 2.0 and widget available in this ?
    can we port into Galaxy S3 if yes then how :?

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  14. tbsatheesh 2 years ago said:

    can i use this for Galaxy S II (9100)

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  15. yasrey 2 years ago said:

    will work on my GT-I9300 ?

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  16. wootyv 2 years ago said:

    1.5Gb, Roms are getting way too large :o

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  17. md.tahir 2 years ago said:

    nobody answers that whether it can be install on S3 or not, if YES then how?
    means simply download this & install through ODIN or is there any other process…
    if somebody has already install this ROM on their S3, then how is it working….your comments awaited eagerly

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  18. giorgoskostopoulos 2 years ago said:

    installed on my s3 just by putting the s voice apk on the internal memory and used es file explorer to install.

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    • mhoracio 2 years ago said:

      How install??? Please tell me

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      • giorgoskostopoulos 2 years ago said:

        press on the link above for the s voice apk. after put it on your s3 internal memory. with es file explorer find it and press on it. it will say that it will replace the old s voice press ok and thats it

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  19. giorgoskostopoulos 2 years ago said:

    p.s doesnt work on the s2 model.

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  20. kuonmenghuot 2 years ago said:

    Can you upload galaxy s4 ‘s camera.apk ?i really need it,

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  21. firaswajeeh 2 years ago said:

    can we extract the weather widget from this dump?

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  22. kuonmenghuot 2 years ago said:

    Can you extract file one and one it easy to downlaod,please fix and then give the one file,one file of this dump.

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  23. rollmar 2 years ago said:

    hello! I can put it to my galaxy note n7000? If yes, how??

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  24. tonystjean95 2 years ago said:

    Hello dear friend from the internet :)
    My name is Tony and i have recently tested s.voice on my SGS3 and it works perfectly the only problem i am having is that the blue thing is not working as it should ( sorry for my bad english ), but the app itself has some MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS! i really suggest you guys to install the .apk


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    • tonystjean95 2 years ago said:

      Sadly The weather.apk and all the mentioned above .apk are *Corrupted* and cannot be installed on The Samsung Galaxy S3. i will try to find a way to install them anyway…

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  25. zalbbahe 2 years ago said:

    available in galaxy s2 or s3?

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  26. ghalil 2 years ago said:

    I did use the 4.2.1 on my s3 and it was a stupid choise. things like message couldn’t be opend. So back to the 4.1.2

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    • sriram231092 2 years ago said:

      after installing the 4.2.1 leaked rom you need to wipe data factory reset from recovery mode. then you will not face any bugs like you said messaging app FCs. i’ve been using 4.2.1 for a long time with no bugs.

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  27. sriram231092 2 years ago said:

    is it possible to install the whole system dump file on the S3 ?

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  28. jax19gamer 2 years ago said:

    why do samsung always upload mirrors on hotfile
    it does not even resume the downlaod?

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  29. PJL170364 2 years ago said:

    I installed it on my Note 2 and it keeps telling me that its not connected to the network connect to the network and try again. Have tried it on 3g and wifi with no luck

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  30. Spunkers 2 years ago said:

    How about IMEI & Network after try this dump ??

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