Samsung releases a new Galaxy S IV teaser video

Jeremy, the secret messenger of Samsung UNPACKED 2013, is back in a new Galaxy S IV teaser video! At the end of their 1st teaser video, Samsung said “To be continued…” and it has! The Galaxy S IV’s teaser video continues¬†from last time¬†where Jeremy Maxwell brings the phone home and tries to hide the device from the world. He also gives us a hint that the device will be available in multiple colours.

(Via: Twitter)

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  1. I see its gonna be premium, really bright, the S-pen perhaps, then black and white those Oreos

    • If they equip the “normal” S-line with S-pen functionality, what is going to be the selling point of the Note-line then? Only the increase of screen-size?

      No, hopefully the S-pen will be a Galaxy Note-line feature.

    • It is not going to have s-pen, it was explained that floating touch was confused with air view function which uses s-pen

    • I agree with Yucko. They made the S-Pen for the Galaxy Note line. As an example, if the Galaxy Tab were to have a S-pen then what would differentiate it from the Galaxy Note 10.1?

  2. To be continued? Again? Maybe samsung is going to release one every day now up to Thursday

  3. can’t wait kinda like x-mas eve

  4. Fix software S4 9505 LTE I pay 699 euro in italy not gift from samsung

    Bugs Software:

    - much lags in the browser stock and system general flop flop
    - firmware 2.65 GB ? XP in my PC 1 gb hehehe flop software flop flop
    - little internal memory 9 gb remaining flop flop
    - more ram consupation flop flop
    - application all in background flop flop
    - camera better OK!
    - Social network an XDA all current
    - no buy 100 bilion no FIX

    HTC One the best !!!

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