Korean Galaxy Premier to get quad-core processor

According to a Korean website Samsung will bring the Samsung Galaxy Premier to Korea (SHV-E220) with a 1.4GHz quad-core processor named: Exynos 4412. The current available Galaxy Premier uses a dual-core processor at the moment. Samsung  also updated the Korean version of the Galaxy Grand version. Samsung is keeping the other specifications the same. The Galaxy Premier uses a 4.65” HD Super AMOLED Display, Android 4.1.2 OS with new TouchWiz UI, 3G/LTE, DMB, 8 0r 16GB internal memory, 8MP and 2MP cameras and 2100mAh battery. The phone is expected to launch on SKT, KT and LG U+.

Our review of the Galaxy Premier is planned by begin February.


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  1. SKTelelcom : SHV-E220S
    Korea Telecom : SHV-E220K
    LG U+ : SHV-E220U(?)

  2. w errr

  3. So they are gonna make it even more identical to the Galaxy S3…. Only things left different are storage option and very small design aspects.

  4. You guys realise that what SAMSUNG is doing is smart. Sharing the design language of its devices and DNA is a smart move because consumers like familiarity. It unifies the user experience

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