Posted by Daniel van D. 2 years ago

Korean Galaxy Premier to get quad-core processor


According to a Korean website Samsung will bring the Samsung Galaxy Premier to Korea (SHV-E220) with a 1.4GHz quad-core processor named: Exynos 4412. The current available Galaxy Premier uses a dual-core processor at the moment. Samsung  also updated the Korean version of the Galaxy Grand version. Samsung is keeping the other specifications the same. The Galaxy Premier uses a 4.65” HD Super AMOLED Display, Android 4.1.2 OS with new TouchWiz UI, 3G/LTE, DMB, 8 0r 16GB internal memory, 8MP and 2MP cameras and 2100mAh battery. The phone is expected to launch on SKT, KT and LG U+.

Our review of the Galaxy Premier is planned by begin February.


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4 comments on “Korean Galaxy Premier to get quad-core processor

  1. tlagusgh3962 2 years ago said:

    SKTelelcom : SHV-E220S
    Korea Telecom : SHV-E220K
    LG U+ : SHV-E220U(?)

  2. zabre 2 years ago said:
  3. Steef 2 years ago said:

    So they are gonna make it even more identical to the Galaxy S3…. Only things left different are storage option and very small design aspects.

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  4. Aaron17Watson 2 years ago said:

    You guys realise that what SAMSUNG is doing is smart. Sharing the design language of its devices and DNA is a smart move because consumers like familiarity. It unifies the user experience

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