SamMobile passed 1 million site members!

SamMobile just passed 1 million site members, and we would like to thank you for using our site. We will introduce SamMobile 2.0 in February, SamMobile 2.0 will come with a brand new page called compare. Thanks to this page your will be able to compare Samsung devices! We can’t wait to present you SamMobile 2.0!

Again, thanks for using SamMobile so far and up to the 2 million site members!

SamMobile Team.

Winner Galaxy Camera:
- bryan1929

Winners Galaxy S III mini giveaway:
- Meischner
- Michael.hardone
- Saniluap
- Joeri1989
- MohanadMK
- Aurel Drăguţ

Phones 37
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  1. Congrats :)

    can’t wait for a release firmware for galaxy SII :D

  2. Most members are still dead…

  3. What about the giveaway………. BTW… Congrats//

  4. i want my samsung galaxy s 3 mini for participating in a contest;

  5. waw, cool :)

  6. Congrats
    can’t wait for a release firmware for galaxy SII ,,, please..

  7. Bulls+#t

  8. You should make another Note II giveaway for more members to join. + before the release of the next phones.

  9. Well done Sammobile team BIG thnks

  10. Congratulations Sammobile
    and pending update fore Note 1 N7000 to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean

  11. Yaaaaaj…I’d say that calls for a PARTY! :p

    Congrats SamMobile

  12. Congrats – Thanks to Samsung and Sammobile for trying to get JB for S2 users. this month..
    Samsung is the best in Smartphone – Sammobile is the best on Web!

  13. Gefeliciteerd en succes/plezier met de verdere jaren!

  14. Congratulations to winners.

  15. Congratulations to everyone and to sammobile

  16. Congrats
    can’t wait for a release firmware for galaxy SII

  17. Congratulations Sammobile

  18. congratz to everybody
    hope ace 2 will get jellybean this month

  19. 2 million maybe? I should have made a lot of accounts, haha!

  20. congratulation sammobile, you are doing a very good JO-B, keep it up, this is really a great accomplishment, i wish you a lot of less S2 spammers and more meaningfull comments, even if that does not happen i will like you and you are GOO-D!

  21. congratulation sammobile

    almost every article under user comment you see the

    release firmware for galaxy SII

  22. Son of a *****!!! Not again lol. Why! why don’t you pick me :(

  23. plz…release firmware for galaxy note..n7000

  24. Congrats to all of the winners :)

  25. Good stuff.
    But have you read the comments.
    People complaining about updates and spamming.
    It makes using Sammobile quite tedious.
    Maybe you should start banning a few people now.
    And you should give me a Galaxy note 2 for bringing this to your attention ;-D

  26. Congrats sammobile !!!

  27. Sammobile congratulations are a great contribution for the community no doubt samsung.

    Samsung They could celebrate asking to release JB for the SII and The Note :)

    Sammobile success.

  28. Congratulations!!
    This shows that you people are doing a great service to Samsung product users.
    Please keep up the good work, we are solidly behind you.

  29. my galaxy note is still waiting for jelly bean!

  30. and t-mobile have released 4.1.2 equipped with the software update option :D happy days for us all

  31. Congrats

  32. the best support for samsung …

  33. firmware for galaxy SII ????

  34. and i just sit on my chair just for android ics for p7300 :|

  35. I knew I wouldn’t win.. I mean, the adds are one in a million :-)

  36. Yess!

    Samsung is huge and sammobile iz awusume:)
    1 million like Paco Rabanne.

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