Posted by Fabus234 2 years ago

New version of ChatOn available for Android

Samsung has released today version 2.0.5 of their ChatOn messaging client. The update packs some new features like:

- Sign in Samsung account
All connected devices receive the same message simultaneously
- Move Special buddy to More menu
- Improvement of My page
Multiple profile images & Comment on PostON
- Change font style of chat room
- Send multiple images at once
- Send Anicon/Animessage+text

Most important feature of this update, is that you can sync all you connected devices to receive messages simultaneously.

You can download ChatOn from Samsung Apps or from Google Play.

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5 comments on “New version of ChatOn available for Android

  1. trifonwifon 2 years ago said:

    Chaton have a great functions, but have his so many people.

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  2. whoever_ch 2 years ago said:

    Best thing is the synchronisation with the browser version!

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  3. _Marcoo_ 2 years ago said:

    Can’t wait for android update for my galaxy s 2. Merry Xmas every1.

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  4. MrFZ2011 2 years ago said:

    This update completely brought users to the ground. This update on Chat ON gives Network Error and could not even log in once, have checked comments from all over and its chaotic. Not sure what Samsung is cooking for the loyal customers on this…..

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  5. LFinder 2 years ago said:

    Have the same problem get network error cant log in

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