Get a chance to win the Galaxy S III mini with SamMobile

With almost 940.000 site members SamMobile will give away the Galaxy S III mini 6 times!
We will give away 3 times the Galaxy S III Mini Metallic Blue and 3 times the Galaxy S III mini  Ceramic White. Every 10.000 new site members we announce the winners. To make more chance we decided to give 2 of the 6 Galaxy S III minies to our premium members! But Also the premium members need to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

950.000 – winner number 1 - SamMobile user: Meischner (Status: ready to ship B version)
960.000 – winner number 2 – SamMobile user: Michael.hardone (Status: ready to ship B version)
970.000 – winner number 3 – SamMobile user: Saniluap (Status: Ready to ship B version) 
980.000 – winner number 4 – SamMobile user: Joeri1989 (Status: Ready to ship W version)
990.000 – winner number 5 – SamMobile user: MohanadMK (Status: Ready to ship W version)
1.000.000 – winner number 6 – SamMobile user: Aurel Drăguţ (Please check your mail!)

*By every 10.000 new site members we choose out all members a winner. 
We check if they use facebook and twitter.  

- How to make chance to win one of the 6 Galaxy S III minies…
Like SamMobile on Facebook and follow SamMobile on Twitter!  

We expect to hit the 1 million members at the end of January in 2013!

* We will send all prizes at the same time (So at 1 million site members)
* 60.000 : 2500 +/- new site members a day = 24 days!
* During this give away we could giveaway more prizes than this!!! 

* SamMobile team members cannot win one of the prizes.
* When you win one of the phones, you need to make a photo and tweet it to us so we can show that the giveaways are real.


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  1. I want this galaxy, very cool device that I want

  2. I want this mini badly :)

  3. Lucky to all , esp me hehehe

  4. Hmm…Interesting :D

  5. I want it too :D

  6. No Way You’ll Give A Free Galaxy..

  7. i hope i win this amazing phone! i love Samsung

  8. good luck to all and i hope i win one of those
    tnx Sammobile

  9. I Wish That I Can Win Galaxy S III Mini :( ..

  10. Yo quiero uno!

  11. Everyone Share This WebSite Please.. !! I Want To Win This Phone So Bad .. :(

  12. I want to win :)

  13. I hope I can win this great phone!

  14. Great, Sammobile! 1 million members, woooh!

  15. Already got a Galaxy S2 (better phone), not really interested in a downgrade…

  16. Samsung s3 great phone… will love to own a samsung mini

  17. I wish i can win this nice gift.Gl to all of us

  18. I want to win

  19. pls do announce the name on by the way nice device….

  20. how would you know if a member is following you on twitter and liked your page already ?

  21. Dear SamMobile, it would be nice if I will be one of the winners this holiday season! Thank you for your dedication to bring the latest news about Samsung.

  22. no chance that i will get one…..from those millions…….bt still finger r crossed….

  23. I love to have s 3 mini in my hand. :D

  24. I’am a Poor Boy from Sri Lanka. I want it too :)
    Please Give Sir….

  25. I am generation old member what about me :)

  26. Can only new sign ups win this?

  27. yess i am the 940.000 site member

  28. its time for galaxy S3 mini..:-D

  29. ME ME ME!!!!!!!! :D

  30. I want that device pls! :)

  31. i hope i win this amazing phone! i love Samsung

  32. I win :)

  33. i win!!!!!!

  34. Nice :D

  35. Go go go! Luck to all !

  36. I believe that all the prices will go to the relatives of the stuff. So I don’t think that anything you all will do will help you to win this. Just my opinion and it happen many times before.

    Do not know what you are talking about man … Where do you get this stuff from … Sjeez !

  37. My precious..

  38. Can I get this one? Coz I never have a luck to get any prizes before… -_-

  39. I want this phone <3 Love you Sammobile <3

  40. si lo voglio

  41. Gimm’e pleeease

  42. s3 mini is not available in INDIA

  43. I want it too

  44. je veux bien ce galaxy 3 mini merci sammobile pour offrir ces device

  45. yeahh..m on for it

  46. i still didn’t get about how to even participate and even how winner will be decided

  47. can any1 plz elaborate plz

  48. i want to win

  49. If only i could win … ^^

  50. I want it. Merry Christmas.

  51. I want this galaxy

  52. this would be a great gift for my gf she is still using a 2nd gen iphone :D

  53. like

  54. Good luck to all

  55. I want it!

  56. i want this one so much !!! i love the s3 so this must be good aswell :)

  57. never win anything but well see :D

  58. <3 <3 <3

    Love this s3 mini~~~ ^^

  59. would like to get one for my wife!!! we just got married!!

  60. Awesome

  61. galaxy s3 marble white :) need it :D

  62. +1

  63. What is a Galaxy S3 without a Galaxy S3 mini??????

  64. Cool! :)

  65. i wish to win :)

  66. Done and done! Now all I can do is wait! :) Good luck everyone!

  67. Nice work Sammobile team !

  68. I want this phone ever since it emerged in the sale, I want that phone pleseee

  69. I love sammoblie <3 I love samsung <3

  70. All I have to say is Samsung and Sammobile ROX!!!

  71. This device will make an excellent gift for a special someone

    Hope I win it :P

  72. Me gusta este móvil. Haber si hay suerte y lo consigo.

  73. have a Question, how the winner will be choosed ??
    the person who will be the 950.000 registered member will be the winner or the members from 940.000 – 950.000 randomly will be choosed.. ??

  74. if i’ll win it will complete us all as a galaxy-owner-family

  75. I like you on facebook and tweet you in twitter.

  76. if i have a prize from you, i will capture the nice pic on facebook and twitters. many of friends to friends will like Sammobile page and tweets you on twitters. Merry Christmas, Santa Sammobile!

  77. i have galaxy S and S II and S III everything is perfect in these smartphone
    so i wish that be a winer in your members.
    good luck SAM

  78. Good luck all! Merry Christmas :)

  79. I want this :)

  80. Sounds interesting :P

  81. how will i know if i win ? i registered when it said 449,999 and when i refreshed it was 450,003 memebers :(

  82. what if I don’t have a twitter account? I can’t win?

  83. I want it rly bad, good luck!

  84. @leenajois that was same for me.. Registered at 999 and saw that it is 003…

  85. I liked you on Facebook and followed you on Twitter.

  86. I want it.

  87. I liked you on Facebook and followed you on Twitter.

  88. i wanna win this one :-)

  89. thanks for the great giveaway guys.
    good luck everyone and a very happy new year to all.
    one request to sammobile please come up with other alternative like google checkout for becoming premium member.

  90. wow, what a good prize for Samsung fans.
    I hope to win one.

  91. Ohhh, i would like to win one.

  92. So do I !!

  93. Awsome let me see will I get one..

  94. Meischner???
    HOW COME.. He is the 254250 Member.. He has Joined.. on 12-03-2012.
    But I Made my Account Yesterday Night.. & Luckyly I am the 950.000 Member.. Sammobile.. this is Not fare.
    Please respond to me ..

  95. I come from a below average family and i would love to have a cool samsung device like this:)

  96. Every member count same for facebook and twitter :)
    Also this person is premium like we said in our message… 2 for premium users 4 for twitter and facebook followers :)

  97. Ok.. So did I won in those Non-Premium Member List??
    Coz I am the 950000 Member ??

    Thanks for the Respond DannyD

  98. Nope number of members means nothing its pure by every 10000 members we announce a winner.

  99. i want that phone, its perfect gift :)

  100. This is a really cool way to reach 1.000.000 Users!

  101. i think i deserve one due to the fact that i have been purchasing Samsung mobile phones since 1998 ! :)
    the mini looks so clean and cute, my gf will love me for it LOL !

  102. =)

  103. Would love to win a new phone. My crapy Lg shuts off on me all the time. Thank you so much for the chance.

  104. I really want to win,I am new member from India,very big fan of sammobile and firmwares.
    I have liked on FB and followed on twitter.
    Please help me win sammobile.
    My fb:
    my twitter:

  105. Awsome Thanks <3

  106. i need so mouch to this phone

  107. i hope i get the white one :D good luck to others !! and congrats Meischner

  108. Mine is arriving today! *-*
    Can’t wait.

  109. I guess moderators are excluded from this…? :p

  110. Nope zoomy sorry my friend !

  111. It would be the perfect gift to start my 2013 *o*

  112. @MartinR

    …Something tell’s me I already knew that…LOL :p

  113. I want one *-*

  114. i want one :D

  115. win win win !

  116. Samsung galaxy s3 in Turkey made ​​a lot of sales, but not 4.1.2. We look forward to this update. I like s3 but not 4.1.2 look forward this …

  117. Good luck!!!!

  118. i didn’t understand how we could win i understand only that first two phones are going to 2 premium members but i didn’t understand how could i win so i need some one to explain to me

  119. Followed and like

    My twitter @mohsen_amirii
    My facebook mohsen amiri

  120. also i had liked and followed SamMobile at Facebook and Twitter so i did all what you said

  121. 960.012 :( following on facebook and twitter..need it…


  123. Galaxi mini-SUPER!!!

  124. Good news.

  125. I hope I will win. thank you sammobile… ^_^

  126. I want it too :)

  127. would be interesting to move from my nokia 3120 , as to be honest , it has never let me down.
    no battery issues , battery lasts forever

    but i am not sure just how real this contest is

    Jeff Reisch

  128. eu quero muito este aparelho

  129. theres still chance to win one! Thx sammobile!

  130. The instructions are not really clear because tracking the accounts will be hard. Facebook, Twitter and Sammobile uses different usernames. But anyway, I would like to win this =)

  131. wow hope to have luck!


  133. I want it too :(

  134. esta muy bonito, I want it too

  135. Is that real? :D wow

  136. Wish to win it :D

  137. I want one, too ^^

  138. I live in France, can I play and win one off the S III mini.
    Thanks. (sorry for my English )

  139. followed and liked,,, want this phone….. :)

  140. Im in

  141. i want it too ::::))))) why not???

  142. I want one!

  143. Happy new year and hope to win this phone!

  144. Can I have one?

    Happy New Year Folks

  145. happy new year… 970.002th member…fallowing on twitter and facebook… hope to win..need it too much

  146. i made an account when it said 969.999 then refreshed i found 970.003

  147. who is the winner? it is now more than 970.000, i think i will win because i made an account when it said 969.999

  148. good luck to me and all of us

  149. Samsung Galaxy S3 mini

  150. It will be hard to chosen of one of the few people.. or maybe i dont know..

  151. S3 mini is a very interesting smartphone. At the right specs for performances and easy to hold, it gives more comfortable UI.

    I really want it!

  152. chances of winning decreases as more number of new users register to mark 1000.000 :(

  153. Completed both the things…

    Happy new year to all SAMMOBILE lovers…

  154. happy new year 2013.

  155. Sammobile is being very generous giving away 6 s3 minis :) thanks for giving us the opportunity to win one :)all the best guys three more to go :)

  156. I finally decided to join the chance to win after debating with myself if I should do it since chances are too damn low. well I hope I win and good luck to everyone! :D
    anyways liked facebook page as 3chiko3 amd followed as mrchiko831.

  157. this could be my 18th birthday present
    :) the 8th of this month

  158. Want it !!! It could be a good present.

  159. i want a mini!!! :D

  160. galaxy s3 mini is a gr8 phone…and i need it badly :D

  161. Just badly want hopei win

  162. ı want to samsung galaxy mini is such an amazing and a very nice surprise :)

  163. i take part in thousands of contests but never win anything… Hope on sammobile i could win… s3 mini amazing device… want it badly my Galaxy ACE is really old now….

  164. I’d flash the hell out of that phone if I win it. Got a S2 so it’ll be fun. :D

  165. i like SAMSUNG!it will be very nice to win new s3mini.

  166. I want to have this one too.

  167. Kinda awesome! Hope this I’m one of the lucky people..

  168. Excellent contribution!!! hope to be lucky!!!

  169. Send one to Brazil, plz !!


  171. Good luck to all the other people!

  172. Great I love giveaways. Hope I win! And that everybody is having a good time! ;)

  173. Let it be M me please€¥°° wishing luck

  174. I would love to win a Galaxy S III Mini.

  175. i will never will when this why did i try owell

  176. i will win for sure.

  177. the S3 Mini still not arrives here :/ cant buy it lolz

  178. ;)

  179. que suerte esos chicos!! quiero uno. :D

  180. Is there any news about Note 1 update to Jelly Bean

  181. I want this phone!!! :)

  182. I want this megaphone too!

  183. Give it to me.

  184. I would love to win this!

  185. I want to win

  186. a little “child” for my S3 pebble blue would be nice

  187. OMG I’d LOVE to win one of those!

  188. Wow I am in!

  189. Is it real ?
    I never get a reward quiz before.

    In my country it is called ‘PHP’

  190. I want this galaxy, very cool device that I want

  191. I hope that i win it, the SIII mini is very good by the way

  192. samsung galaxy s3 mini .. wow

  193. samsung galaxy s3 mini. Hope i will win.

  194. I don’t have twitter…but I only do “like” in sammobile facebook’s page…It’s correct?I can still take part?

  195. I want a galaxy S3 mini :)


  197. i want it!!!! i’m tired of my motorola droid pro. i have a galaxy tab 2 7.0 and i love it! samsung rocks!!!

  198. This phone… Is a must have.

  199. I want so badly to win this Galaxy mini!

  200. 200
    Tu dnes skapal psik, ale necudo, je sviatok :-)

  201. this sound cool hope i win this

  202. cool device :D

  203. This phone will be nice gift for my wife ?) I use Sgs3

  204. want it badly…
    sad face.

  205. My treasure…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want…!!!!

  206. I’m Not Lucky :( Please Pick Me :(

  207. this looks like a nice phone. i would love to win. white or blue. XD

  208. Registered after following this website for a long time.

    Love Samsung phones but cannot afford a good one. Really wish I get my first real smartphone experience :)

    Liked on FB and followed on Twitter as well.

    All the best to all you guys!

  209. I want it too!!!

  210. I so want this phone. Great giveaway!! :)

  211. Made another accoun coolsalim please let it be me ™™®®®©¶¶¶¶¶[[[]]_¥$$¥$$

  212. I want to win……….

  213. nice competion

  214. Nice Competition. Hope many win and get a price as SGS3 Mini. :) keep up guys.

  215. Never won anything online in my entire life. Hope this time would be my chance

  216. yes, i am now a sammobile follower!

  217. That’s great.. I want this… ;-)


  219. Hope to win.

  220. I hope to win ..

  221. Hope the 1 million one comes to Brazil, more especificaly to me….. :-D

  222. iPhone defector here <=======
    Must have Galaxy! ;)
    Good luck everyone!


  223. I would like one :)

  224. Lo desiderooooo!!!!! :)

  225. Thanks


  227. Hope I get this! :D

  228. Sarò io?

  229. I Really Need This One OMG Its So Cuuute ^^


  231. hope i will winn the last

  232. I want this mini badly :(

  233. less chance to win now… :( hope i win the last one

  234. 我想迷你嚴重的

  235. i should win this last one

  236. I would like to win this gem

  237. happy birthday to sammobile.
    “We expect to hit the 1 million members at the end of January in 2013!”

    no need to go end of January 2013 by today either tomorrow will achieve the target…

  238. awesome sam, really appreciate that

  239. only one fone left !!!! :-o

  240. give it to me :)

  241. Almost 1.000.000 Hahaaa !!! Who will be the last 1 to receive the S3 mini ??
    Hope it’s going to be me !!!

  242. i wish to win :) today

  243. Hope to win the last phone today plz plz plz!! :)

  244. congrats sammobile..reached one million..:)

  245. the game over….

  246. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww Game Over! Congrats! To The Winners!

  247. What about the old members??? :( ….. well next time :P

  248. awesome waiting for it!!!!!!!

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