Will Samsung sell more than 60 million smartphones in Q4?

Earlier today we reported that Samsung has already sold 5 million units of the Galaxy Note II in just 2 months! But thats not all, according to UBS financial analytics Samsung will sell in the last 3 months of this years more than 61.5 million smartphones. Even though this will be the first time that Samsung will selling more than 60 million smartphones in one quarter still its something that’s not surprising since the Korean giant has sold 57 million smartphones in Q3.

As expected are most sales from the Android devices and are Galaxy SIII and the Galaxy Note II good for atleast one third of the total sales.
Samsung’s bada devices and Windows Phone devices are expected to have a much lower sales figures.


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  1. it only matter how generous people are around christmas : )

  2. I hope not. Samsung is turning itself into an Apple. It should stop and listen their customers.

  3. samsung is going in path of nokia…only selling phones…
    and after 1 year samsung will turn to be next nokia..
    no update no samsung mobile more

  4. Will it sell 60 million phones by Q4? How about, will it fail to update all phones before Q4 ends?

  5. Just Selling new smart phones doesn’t seem to work.They Should update their old devices quickly so dat sales remain constant.

  6. sell, more devices and S3 are the only themes who talk Samsung… Samsung you have a poor Support!!! When will you think in a better support and no in make more devices who will never have a good Support!! Fuck off Samsung!! NO MORE SAMSUNG DEVICES!!! -.- -.- -.-

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