Exclusive: What can we expect next year?

A few days ago we received from a anonymous tipster a picture (see below) with some interesting information were Samsung is working on for next year.

According to our source Samsung is working on a device with 3GB of RAM. The question remains, why would you need 3GB of RAM when 1GB of RAM should be enough? Samsung is continues working on improving their software and it could be that they have been working on a feature were you actually need such amount of RAM.
But there is more, Samsung is doing some tests to make a transition to go buttonless for their smartphones.

As you can see this is device is in early prototype stage but we believe that this is just a sneak peak of what we will see in 2013 from Samsung.

According to our source its gigabytes. These stickers are only for internal usage.

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  1. Maybe, for the first time in Samsung history, they will change their design in a way that at least their flagship device (Galaxy S IV?) won’t be described as cheap-looking, plastic device.

  2. 3gb no not realy

    2 or 4 gb its real

    ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  3. lol why would they need a sticker telling them the ram if its a prototype…… load of bollocks

  4. Why does it say “Logged in as sharmavm”?

  5. Your comment system is buggy – now it says “Logged in as archon810″

  6. I think that Gb means Gigabit… GB means Gigabyte! In this photo, we see 3Gb, not 3GB…! It is very different, guys!!

  7. I would advice Samsung to go physical button-less and go with on-screen buttons for Ice Cream Sandwich and later as suggested by Google. I went from using my daughter’s Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus running Gingerbread with a physical “Home” button to my neighbor’s Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 running Ice Cream Sandwich with no physical buttons (and certainly no physical “Home” button) except for Power On/Off and Volume Up/Down.

    I felt BETTER, SAFER and ENJOYED MY EXPERIENCE MORE with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 with no physical “Home” button. The thing I hated was the placement of screen-shot on-screen button in Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, but that is another story.

    As for 3GB memory I need time to think.

  8. This is a proto device with 3GB of ram. Samsung test this for 2013.

  9. Article has been updated, its gigabytes and not gigabit.

  10. Undestood, guys! Of course, its clearer and better now! ;) Go Samsung…!

    And well done for another one exclusiveness! ;)

  11. Of course not a toy phone look (a plastic build)!!! come on SAMSUNG, please make a real flagship Galaxy phone.

  12. whatever Samsung!!!! you always create new units each and every month.. My Galaxy S3 feels so old now as you will already release the S4 by Feb or March next year… Go get some life Samsung!! and make a real phone that can match Apple’s materials!! you already won internally and when it comes to specs.. make your phone look luxurious and not a CHEAP PLASTIC!!!

  13. griever07, I tried that kind of comment already but did not work. Besides, Sam can sit back and sip on an ice tea for another year since Apple failed (partially) this year. But like you said, if Sam just get a little smarter and build a very good phone software it could be a very competitive.

  14. Без кнопок плохо

  15. The screen looks too small for a high-end phone. 3Gb (Gigabits) = 384MB (MegaBytes) which sounds more realistic for some cheap phone.

  16. Whats wrong with you people? TEST PROTO DEVICE :)

  17. Looks like they are using some SII chassis for their prototypes. But 3Gb? I believed its 2 or 4 but 3? Weird…

    On a side note, maybe Samsung should release parallel “Luxury” versions of their phones for those who dont want the “plastic looks” (i dont have any problem with the current materials used, but some people is just too delicate on that matter.
    And to beat some Apple fanboys along the way ;)

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