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Is Samsung working on a black version of the Galaxy S3?

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Yes you’re reading it right because Samsung has posted on their Facebook page a few photo’s which includes a black version (with slightly blue tints though) of the Galaxy S3. Since the version on the photo’s has some blue tints it could also be just the Pebble blue version but it could also be a sign that Samsung is indeed working on a black version of the Galaxy S3, besides Samsung has also said a few weeks ago that they will release the Galaxy S3 in more colors.




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11 comments on “Is Samsung working on a black version of the Galaxy S3?

  1. gufydt 2 years ago said:

    uffff beautiful

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  2. ninjafox 2 years ago said:

    Oh yeah? Black version? That’s like a big fat “LOL FUCK YOU EARLY ADOPTERS!”

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  3. Barton 2 years ago said:

    On this photo? This is exactly how my pebble blue one looks in a medium to low light environment.

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  4. realz 2 years ago said:

    My pebble blue looks likes it too. Beautiful! :)

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  5. ph00ny 2 years ago said:

    um that’s probably the pebble blue in dark lighting. Thing shifts color like there is no tomorrow

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  6. ph00ny 2 years ago said:

    Actually look at the volume rocker. It’s definitely pebble blue

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  7. samirsshah 2 years ago said:

    yes! yes!! yes!!!

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  8. Gaspernemec 2 years ago said:

    Omg guys i see grassy green galaxy S3 on this picture^^

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  9. wuzongh 2 years ago said:

    I think the blue version looks much better compared with my black version of Galaxy S II.

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  10. ryarrell 2 years ago said:

    I am extremely proud and happy with my pebble blue baby on Tmobile…

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