New browser for bada 2.0 users

You can now download Opera Mini for your bada 2.0 device. 
Opera Mini is one of the best mobile browsers over the world, it safes  your money up to 90% of mobile web browsing.
Opera Mini is available for all bada devices running on bada 2.0 or later (bada 3.0 somewhere this year).
Download Opera Mini with Samsung Apps.
Over 168 million people are using Opera Mini as their mobile browser.

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  1. Not for Wave 575 and 723 :(:(:(:(

  2. Why is it that every one of these looks like they were written by someone with only a nodding acquaintance to the English language? It’s fine if you’re not that good with English, but if so get someone else to proofread it and fix the grammar/syntax/spelling.

  3. Sorry?

  4. BAda 2 for norway !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK samsung ! Does someone know witch firmware that is best for my s8500 ?

  5. Not for wave 723

  6. Not for wave 723 Bada 2.0

  7. @Dear DannyD :-
    Iam from the firsts members on this awesome site .. and manytimes iam posting many of threads and comments about what i can observe ..but about Opera Mini i’ve observed something bad for our middle East and Arabian Region ..i have Bada 2 OS Custom Arabic ,,and the Arabic langauge are running perfectly with my Wave II on Dolfin browser Reading and also on Keyboadrd ..but Unfortunately when i did installed and after opening Opera Mini i see that my Arabic langauge as a messy and with separated reversed letters in reading on any website .also on Opera Mini keyboard ,,there’s no arabic language is supported..i hope you try to send post to opera Co to tell them about this awefull best regards and in more advance sir.

  8. not for 723!!

  9. Sad, not for 723 :(

  10. i get it for S8530, but really so bad :S

  11. what u mean vegogittory? mine too is wave 2 and its all so good.though zooming may take 2 secs,but thats not really a huge problem,guh

  12. WoW opera mini, if you bunch of lazzy clueless wanklers updated me and half of a world on bada 2.0 maybe we could consider to run it or not. You are talking about bada 3.0, even bada 2.0 update is going painfully slow. i waited for registration confirmation mail for about an hour, thats how fast you guys are.

    your customer care is 0(zero), and i cant wait to get rid of my wave 2. never again any samsung product in my home. learn how to keep promises

  13. what?did they just mentioned bada 3.0 somewhere this year?

  14. guyz we r not getting bada 3.0 .. it will be tizen…. samsung is going to close bada project

  15. HAHA bada 3 yeah right… might see that coming about 2014

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