Samsung Benelux: ‘Mark Your Calendars’ on… March 15th

Last week Samsung Benelux has sent invitations for a press release of their line up for 2012. In the invitation they aren’t specifically speaking about smartphones or mobile devices but its most likely that they will show their line up for 2012.

Maybe the Galaxy S3 with some other nice devices…


















PS: If you look closely you see a 3…

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  1. I see a G a S !

  2. Where is that 3!

  3. hmm..interesting!!

  4. Bolkan; Me too

  5. Already marked 8.3 for M*** Effect 3 :P

  6. Me, I see E3 ! Don’t ask me what those letters are… :-)

  7. I see G3.

  8. I see G3 to… Wew

  9. Saw

  10. samsung has currently peaked in their development cycle research i mean :0 but who knows which company is gonna beat them with something even more awesome :D

  11. I could’nt see anything :(

  12. Ahhhh!!!

  13. hahaha i saw G3 not S3 hahahaha

  14. I see a G, an S and a 3.. Clever :)

  15. Galaxy TAB P7100 Ice cream

  16. Waiting for the announcement…..few hours to go…let’s see…

  17. Today is a day!!!!
    What will be released!?

  18. Yes, what is it?

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