Bada and WhatsApp

There is still no WhatsApp for bada devices.
WhatsApp host even told us they have no plans to make a bada WhatsApp version.
WhatsApp is one the biggest online chat managers for mobile phones.

Samsung released ChatON to make bada users happy sadly nobody is using ChatON. 
But there is still a bit hope.
Samsung confirmed to preinstall ChatON on all their new devices.






Phones 7
  1. that’s better i hate whats app ….. :@ chat on isa more better :)

  2. F*** u whatsapp!!!Sorry for the language.Just cant understand the reason for not developing for bada.

  3. Bada CEO may lay with the woman’s CEO WhatsApp … that’s the reason of this leak…

  4. Just skype is important!!
    no Whatsapp is not important!!

  5. And what about the final version of bada 2.0 to wave 1? nobody talks about that … People still waiting , and there’s no information about the final release :(

  6. ChatOn is late.
    I’m trying to use it, but no one use it. So using it is pointless.

  7. There is Yak messenger for BADA, many users prefer this to WhatsApp anyway.

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