Is this the Galaxy S 3?

Is this the Samsung Galaxy S 3?





See movie below 7:11


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  1. I think it is the galaxy Note.
    Why homebutton!

  2. N8000….

  3. hmm maybe s3.. but maybe note n8000

  4. nothing about SGSIII

  5. More likely just a mockup in my opinion.

  6. i really don’t like galaxy very much :S but love the wave phones very much spicialy the wave 3 :)

  7. probably but very pretty…

  8. probably mockup but very pretty

  9. maybe!?

  10. yes, it is !

  11. This is probably Samsung Galaxy S II HD with 4.65 inches and HD (720p) screen, 1.5GHz CPU, 1850 mAh battery.

  12. looks like those iphone 5 rumors before the announcement of the iphone 4s turned out to be the S III :D

  13. no the home button is not in s3

  14. The note has the frontal camera on the right side of the phone, this phone looks thinner, may be.

  15. concept ???????

  16. it is Galaxy Note

  17. I think it’s the Galaxy SII HD.

  18. wonderful ;)

  19. i think it no sgs3, concept only

  20. i do’t think so!

  21. Seems to be the SGSII HD, first released on the Korean market but supposedly will be coming to Europe

  22. The home button could be for the Tizen dual boot! :P

  23. Galaxy Note. Is not it?

  24. I think it’s not Galaxy S 3.. Google says: No homebutton on phone with ICS…

  25. Lol, screen with rounded corners? It doesn’t exist something like that.

  26. It’s the Galaxy Player 70 you n00bs :P!!!

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