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New Android 4.0.3 leak by Samsung for SGS2: I9100XXLP1.

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Friday 13th is not always a bad day!
We of Sammobile just released our new I9100XXLP1/OXALP1 rom by Samsung.
This rom is based on Android 4.0.3 and coms from January 9 2012.

Yeah oke, but what are the changes?
/ Interface: Nothing in case of XXKPA.
/ Battery: Battery feels better.
/ Faster: Phones looks faster.
/ Touch: Touch response is better.
/ Overall: Firmware more stable but still with some bugs.
/ Facelock: Working.
/ Task: Task maneger is back. Interface:

Download here the ROM:
Talk here about the rom:

See below our message some screenshots and a small movie.


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26 comments on “New Android 4.0.3 leak by Samsung for SGS2: I9100XXLP1.

  1. mkalter 3 years ago said:

    looks nice, 1st

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  2. wikiya 3 years ago said:


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  3. DannyD 3 years ago said:

    Why should samsung do that?
    Think before you post!
    Maybe 1% need it.

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  4. zilez2003 3 years ago said:

    Funny how many people (children?) have Samsung phone, and they don’t want Samsung software on it. I don’t think Samsung software is the best, but there are so many other possibilities. I appreciate efforts by Samsung to give us latest Android OS asap.

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  5. 3-S-E 3 years ago said:

    This news says “based on Android 4.0.3″ but the firmware database says “4.0.1″!

    What’s right?

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  6. pzstm 3 years ago said:

    It’s 4.0.3 They will correct it ASAP I guess ;)

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  7. BiG ShEyDy 3 years ago said:

    wikiya is right we wanna have a choice between the original ICS launcher and the TW…..

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  8. 666deimos 3 years ago said:

    First of all, its good to see, thats samsung is working ICS.. But lets face it!
    Just wait for the final release, cus all the 4.0.x i tryed, keeps crashing apps!
    Not worth to try any of those.
    Im back to 2.3.5 For me that the most stable version! No crashes, No bugs..
    And cmon ppl, what are u guys complaining about samsungs TW. If u dont like the TW, why did u guys choose for samsung in the first place. Stop crying…

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  9. chrizzlibaer 3 years ago said:

    666deimos, There was no problem with touchwiz @ gingerbread.
    But on ICS theme, it just sucks…

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  10. arunkidrock 3 years ago said:

    This is exciting ! with every Rom they release we are one stgep closer to a stable ROM !! woo hoo

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  11. cholasuek 3 years ago said:

    One thing I hate is the wait (for stable firmware release). I live in Thailand. I know and have seen the Samsung Nexus version of Thailand and if they have done a firmware for a Samsung maching then what is the delay with the rest of the freakin phones! You guys got 2.3.6 for Note down in Thailand, yes? Just release the d.. thing because I am not going to get Nexus because SGS2 is more powerful in everyway accept the HD screen that Samsung is banking on(it was your mistake actually). Samsung shoulld have release a high end phone, that would have been a sell out ligitimacy. If iphone do release a market killing phone (big doubt) for Samsung then we will have something to think about, don’t we? Yeah yeah, Sammies has got new tech screens lining up, and new tech phone and tablets involving nice screen, so what? Your UI is still secong to iOS5, by 5 years?

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  12. cholasuek 3 years ago said:

    Start triming up the lawn now, or you are going to get further behind even if you have a transparent mobiles.

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  13. cholasuek 3 years ago said:


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  14. MichaelHB 3 years ago said:

    At least with this rom the leds no keeps lights on after power off, how happens in the XXKPA, were i had to use a CK. Now nobody needs to remove battery…lol.

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  15. eduardopfreire 3 years ago said:

    Sincerely, i won’t buy smartphones from samsung anymore. I dont think it is a honest company. Always trying copy Apple and others brands. It’s as if there, had not designers. They don’t care about innovation. Look a HTC phone. Look HTC Sense. You see innovation there. They didn’t copy anyone. So, lets stop supports copycats companies. This is immoral. Lets support innovation! Samsung sees only profits, and nothing more. “Why create if we can copy? Don’t waste your time!”. I think this phrase is printed on the president’s office of Samsung.

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  16. free_interface 3 years ago said:

    I think SGS2 is a really good hardware phone. I think that samsung have only a really important thing to learn about. Give user the possibility to choose the interface they want. Touchwiz is orrible, and make a new firmware for a phone without change the interface is the bad thing you can do. So samsung make a new touchwiz and left people the possibility to choose between standard interface and samsung one. In that way you can know what people prefer. Samsung left people choose and apple will be on your knee….

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  17. mo2005 3 years ago said:

    when i using 2.3.5 rom then i back up after that y i cannot restore on 4.0.3 rom???

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  18. Lunarek 3 years ago said:

    To those who think that it’s childish/stupid to not want TW even though we have Samsung phone.

    What we demand isn’t pure ICS Launcher, what we want is a new enhanced TW with new features and a better use interface, to give us the feel that this is indeed a new system. When I tried this I was surprised at how much it resembles gingerbread, it was a total turn off for me.

    I don’t want TW out of the picture, rather I want them to make it different?! new look, new features, new tweaks. I mean they need to make major changes on TW! and they should give the user the choice of changing from TW to the original ICS launcher.

    With all due respect, Samsung phones are awesome, but TW is awful, they seriously need to develop it further and make it better and lighter on the system.

    This new ICS that they’re working on, if it stays like that, I highly doubt anyone would rely on the company’s firmwares anymore, I mean I’m currently using ICS from Cynaogen and it’s beautiful, if it wasn’t for them I’d sell my phone.

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  19. zilez2003 3 years ago said:

    As I said, you have and you will have different options: Stock firmware, CM, MIUI, … (I am not expert, i don’t know how many more). So what are you complaining for ? For me, you are like a babies crying to have a new toy.

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  20. egrahul 3 years ago said:
  21. artungonul 3 years ago said:

    Okay i need to control myself i cant keep formatting my phone everytime there is a new firmware!!! okay this will be last…

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  22. johnlee5458007 3 years ago said:

    pls ditch TW.. it sucks on ICS..

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  23. armanderli 3 years ago said:

    I’m stunned how on the 9 th of january, Samsung Hasn’t produced a stable release yet, when it’s suppose to be available on February/March…
    XXLP2 is even more buggier…

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  24. nextrow 3 years ago said:

    Get rid of touchwiz next time i buy a google phone! Only 3 months till ma contract is over jippie!

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  25. Orpheo007 3 years ago said:

    Hey can i use this FW if i live in Mexico?

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